Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Moody

Nama Kumpulan: The Moody
Tagline: ""
Konsep: alternative rock

Established in June 2006. After three years as a field of independent bands, they were finally getting close to the production of their first demo. The band highlighted music alternative, post-punk, jazz, folk and hard rock. This band consist of 4 members:





Each member of the band have different music influences. such as, metal, progressive rock, alternative, fusion, oi street and others. However, because such a deep interest in music, they strive to consolidate and apply their influence into a new genre. however, some music that is created by these familiar sounds. from time to time, they will try to improve the quality and originality of their music. This band needs your support. We are slaves to the music. If you are not satisfied to our music and others, you're away from the music in your life. peace!

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